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With two Americans (without any connection to Croatia), I made up for a glorious 68th minute when Croatia equalized. As the sportsmanship is full of superstitions, they told me to stay with them because Perišić (whose name managed to somehow smell) scored exactly when I stood beside them to look at the action to the end. September 2018 Calendar to Print I stayed until the end of the game and – Croatia won! For the first time in my life I made something for which I’m still not sure if you are in honor of me. When at the end of the second extension Mario Mandžukić scored for the Croatian victory, I threw a full glass of beer into the air. You remember those scenes from Ban Jelacic Square or Piccadilly Circus, or where – when you hit the target, the waterbirds that people have thrown into the air are scorched. Well, I was one of the others who plucked – I would say – with a good half liter of pizza from a plastic cup that I spontaneously blasted into the air. In my defense, I can say that I was not the only one – and at that moment I was drinking a stream of beer from at least a dozen other glasses.


September 2018 Calendar to Print

“The Croats are really a phenomenon. I am also worried that nobody in Croatia will report on how the finale merits only one person. Zdravka Mamića. He created the entire Croatian national team. Everything is his work, from the first to the last. Also selector Dalić is part of Mamić’s project, because Zoran Mamić, younger brother Zdravko, has received an opportunity in the Arab peninsula instead, but nobody reports about this.

2018 September Calendar to Print

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September Calendar to Print

Dinamo’s players are far in the national team. He set up a multi-year project. When the Croats will lose Mamić, a sharp drop will follow, ” warns the southern neighbors, so that the future of the national team can be less pleasant than the given predictions, if Zdravko Mamić, who is not sentenced to a long-term prison sentence, will disappear from football.

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“As far as his offenses are concerned, I do not care. If he did something wrong, he did it. I do not want to be his lawyer. September 2018 Calendar to Print But when we talk about football, it is a phenomenon from the base, which is very small. If in such circumstances you can fight with the French, the Spanish and other giants, you have to be very confident. If the stupid do not see it, then another thing is. Fans, as well as journalists, “he’s surprised that during these weeks, when there is a huge soccer euphoria in Croatia, no one remembers Mamic, the most influential Croatian football player ever.

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