September 2018 Calendar Spanish

“Didier is my great friend. With Valencia, I was the most understanding with him. I still have his jersey, the last one he wore in the national team of France. September 2018 Calendar Spanish He brought it to me. Original. Otherwise I do not have a home of jerseys bought, which is something special. We were well understood. It seemed to him that he always knew how to move between the corridors. He learned a lot, he is very intelligent. For him, Mamić is a small kitten in the football world, “very much appreciated by a French expert with whom he had a lot of friends when he defended the color of the bats and lost the Champions League finals. “If Croatia wins, I will be very pleased if France wins, I will not be dissatisfied. But you will meet different philosophies of football. Croatia plays a funny football, which is difficult to describe.


September 2018 Calendar Spanish

It’s superb. When the end of the championship, they will write how she played one of the most beautiful footballs of all time. Something similar to Brazil in the 1970s. Croatia has really a bit more, but it is true that it will play in the finals against the most pragmatic competition in the world. That can be a problem. But this is a great finale. Total football against the pragmatic. It’s a pleasure to enjoy, “he’s already eagerly counting down the hours until the big finals start. When the referee played the end of the match, the celebration swallowed the entire beer garden. I guess some 15 minutes people did not stop jumping, shouting, singing and dancing.

2018 September Calendar Spanish

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September Calendar Spanish

Croatia will play the finals of the World Championship! – and now, when I write it, I can not believe it is true. Even more fascinating was how many people who have nothing to do with the Croatian celebrated the victory of the Croatian national team. I felt a bit, and then and again now. Returning home to the New York underground was even more incredible. First on the metro station I met a group of people in checkered jerseys who ran to me and started singing “White-Red, Field Croatia”. Okay, they were Croatians. But on Times Square, as I changed the train, on four occasions (in two or three minutes) I ran into people who approached, congratulated and celebrated in English.

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A fine New York lady in the late seventies, September 2018 Calendar Spanish next to which I was standing on a train to Upper West Side, told me by myself that she was watching the match and that she was playing for Croatia. The fans cheered the patriotic passages, poured out the emotions of love towards their homeland (Mi, Croats!) And sang famous cheering songs. Also offensive to the opponent, somehow. Every Croatian football player who touched the ball, after the reactions of the fans, was already almost half-poor status.

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