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The mob in New York is ubiquitous, as if we were in Europe or Latin America – almost every bar, cafe, and restaurant with 32 flags of emerging countries, and the New Yorkers massively watch the matches on hundreds of videos around the city September 2018 Calendar Editable. From the beginning I was overwhelmed with this general enthusiasm – I watched matches, but no emotions, especially those of the national ones. I fought – if you already need – for Germany, because I always get used to Germany, but that did not work the best. Anyway, I fell apart after Tonija Kroos’s throat in the last minute of compensation against Sweden. I’ve been watching the matches mostly by the scripts – all Croats and all Colombians, with a friend of the American who is a boogie fan from Bogotá. Vurušić’s shirt pulled for the first time for the match against Iceland.


September 2018 Calendar Editable

I found it in the wardrobe, on the lowest shelf Ikea’s towel hanging shelf that in those years was so wretched that I barely opened the drawer. But that was still too bad – after Argentina, I believed that Croatia would not be tempted against Iceland, so I can bring a national jersey. More importantly, Andres came without a pardon to the Colombian team shirt, so why would not I.

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September Calendar Editable

The Biergarten was the biggest surprise. First, it was wise to wear the jersey of the team because there were almost everyone in it, and many even this new black and blue jersey. What I did not expect was the composition of the audience – hardly every tens of nearly two hundred people spoke Croatian. Okay, many probably were immigrant children in the second or third generation, but many of whom I finally talked to were not that either. Major Biergarten have been filled by New Yorkers – people who have nothing to do with Croatia, except for being in the semifinals of the world championship. Here I realized that this is what is happening bigger than Croatia and my teammates.

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The owners of the biergarten had a playlist with Croatian fans songs and released it at any turn – almost nobody could sing one word. But they all ran all the time as if they were dependent on their life September 2018 Calendar Editable. Go-Go-Go! or screaming Aleeee-Aleee! – with the badly acclaimed “R-ac-kaaaaa !!!” with a heavy US accent – followed every attack by the Croatian national team. Although the chances of passing the finals cooled the English goal in five minutes, they did not shake, so did I with them.

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