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From the square where the crowd was indescribable and the heat did not bother with temperatures, the elderly and families with small children were withdrawn in the first half of the day, which would probably have been more enjoyable before the home screen TV in the air-conditioned living room October 2018 Calendar Word. Many were looking for the best possible photographic positions. Some, despite the opposition of the rangers, climbed even to the construction stage of the buildings near the main stage on the Ban Jelačić square where tomorrow’s reception of silver footballers will take place at 2 pm. The Croats closely followed every move on the greenery. In the halftime, which ended with France’s lead of 2: 1, passersby assured us that the victory of the Fiennes is not questionable. Most of them put on 3: 2 for Croatia. What if they fail? “They have already made it to the finals,” we heard from the mouth of Croatian football supporters.


October 2018 Calendar Word

The expectations did not materialize, the French increased their lead to 3: 1 and then to 4: 1. After the result of a 4: 1 handful of supporters already started to leave the scene, after Maria Mandžukić’s score 2: 4 came to life again, but did not see the turn around. A strong monument to a seven-year-old Roman boy Gaja Laber who holds a ball decorated with mesh-linked hexagons, a symbol of real leather balls, is considered to be a solid proof that the first football in Europe played just in the Cetina Krajina.

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It was found on the Tilurium site at Gardun, dating to the 2nd century. Today it is located in the facade of the stone house in Sinj Vrlička Street. The monument is 113 centimeters wide, 46 centimeters wide, “wrote Bulj on Facebook. when I went to America three years ago, my friend Vlado Vurušić pushed me into the hands of the crowned crown of Croatian national team. I am not a football fan, and even less I have sympathy with HNS, Zdravko Mamić. I accepted the jury from the courtesy and respect towards a colleague journalist. And I thought – what the hell would be that shirt, as if I ever put it on myself. But I did put it in the box because it might come in handy for masks.

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But a group of enthusiasts from Cetina Krajina argues quite the opposite. They say that football really returns home, but in its real home – Croatia October 2018 Calendar Word. In their famous statement, the English have alluded to the fact that they are a nation that has invented soccer, but the Sport Association Gaz from Tril has some more to say on this subject. – A ball-like ball game has been playing in this area since 2000 years ago. The idea originally came from the Illyrian tribe Delmata, and the Roman army took over with it. The Romans were then playing regularly with the sons of the protagonist, “said Boris Grubišić-Čabo, president of the Sports Association Gaz.

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