Both sunrise and sunset are always calculated from São Paulo, Brazil. The times viewed in the October 2018 calendar may differ slightly if, for example, you live in the east or west of Brazil. In this case the maximum deviations are one hour. It is also possible to see in October 2018 at what time the sun rises and sets close to you. Just click on one of the locations shown above. Monthly October 2018 Calendar Printable Template of October 2018 of Portugal / Brazil including the numbers of the weeks, national holidays. Following the recommendation of the Goiás Agency for Agricultural and Livestock Defense (Agrodefesa), the Grain and Irrigation Commissions of the Agriculture and Livestock Federation of Goiás (Faeg) met last 26 to discuss a plantation calendar for beans, as a way of make compliance with the sanitary void in the state more effective.

October 2018 Calendar
October 2018 Calendar

October Calendar Printable Template

Eduardo Veras, institutional vice president of Faeg, says that the sanitary void is already established between September 5 and October 5 for Region 1 and between September 20 and October 20 for Region 2. Now, the proposal also suggests that the planting of Region 1 be done between October 6 and June 15 and that the planting of Region 2 be done between October 21 and June 30. We offer you, below, a complete calendar and easy consultation. Use the calendar caption to quickly identify, through the respective colors, all national and state holidays, as well as the main celebrations in Brazil.

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2018 October Calendar Template Printable

Palavro stresses the importance of producers being attentive to the choice of bean varieties. “It is necessary to adapt the expected cycle to the correct compliance with phytosanitary legislation,” he says. The consultant informs that the sanitary emptiness of the beans in Goiás is divided into two regions, with different dates of occurrence. For the North, Araguaia Valley, Railroad and Surroundings of the DF, the void happens from September 20 to October 20 of each year. The producers of the South, Southeast and Southwest of the State can not plant beans from September 5 to October 5. The year 2018 reserves many opportunities for those cariocas who do not miss an opportunity to travel. Do not waste time. Plan your travels in advance.

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October 2018 Calendar

As is usual, we started this March the publication of the Student Guide Study Calendar. To help students who are preparing for the entrance examination and Enem, the GE and the professors of the ACEPUSP (Cultural Association of Educators and Researchers of the University of São Paulo) Cursinho Popular will bring the most important contents to be studied every month until October. In addition to the list of topics to be seen in March, here are some links with summaries, texts and simulations. We emphasize that although these contents help, it is important to deepen your knowledge from other sources. In addition to the printed Student Guide publications (which can be signed here) and the Enem Course on the GE Play platform (available here), you can find good materials in libraries or used book stores, for example.

October 2018 Calendar October 2018 Calendar October 2018 Calendar

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In addition, be sure to consult the candidate’s manual of the tests that you will provide, because there are listed all the contents that may appear and this may vary according to the institution you want. Beans are one of the main crops in Goiás, the State being the 4th largest national producer of grain, responsible for approximately 10% of Brazilian production. In 2017, the harvest of Goiás reached about 340 thousand tons of beans, being almost the entire Carioca type.

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The state production of beans is divided into three cycles. The summer harvest or harvest of water accounts for 40% of the total volume; the second crop or second crop is smaller, and equals 9% of production; and the third crop or irrigated crop corresponds to 51% of all beans harvested in Goiás. IFAG estimates that only 29% of Goiás beans are destined for domestic consumption; 70% is marketed to other states in the country.

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In order to give greater effectiveness to the fulfillment of the sanitary emptiness of the bean in Goiás, producers debated on Monday (26/02) the creation of a October 2018 Calendar Printable Template for the installation of the crop, limiting the recommended times for planting, as in soybeans. The proposal defined during a meeting in the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Goiás (Faeg) suggests for the sowing in the Center-South region of the State the period from October 6 to June 15 of each year, while in the Center-North, the proposed calendar will run from October 21 to June 30.