Both sunrise and sunset are always calculated from São Paulo, Brazil. The times viewed in the November 2018 Calendar Printable Template may differ slightly if, for example, you live in the east or west of Brazil. In this case the maximum deviations are one hour. It is also possible to see in November 2018 Calendar Template at what time the sun rises and sets close to you. Just click on one of the locations shown above. The official launch of the Youth Chamber project (Municipal Law 4.623 / 17) is scheduled for March 15 at 9:00 am in the plenary of the City Council. The decision was the result of a meeting held between councilors Wellington Pires (PP), Gustavo Gomes (PTB) and Jaime Alves (PRB), and Undersecretary of Education, Ricardo Rosas, this week. The meeting was held in Wellington’s office, the author of the proposal. The schedule of project activities was also defined.

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“Through this proposal, we will be contributing to the formation of citizens aware of their rights and duties and providing young people with a working knowledge of the functioning of the Legislative Branch,” said Wellington Pires, adding that the project will be aimed at students between 10 and 15 years. There will be elected 19 young councilors, who will use the plenary to discuss topics related to education, health, culture, sports, leisure, among others.

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The teachers and students of the municipal schools will receive the necessary information after the launch of the Câmara Jovem project November 2018 Calendar with Holidays. The students will have until April 13 to prepare the essays with the theme ‘Why do I want to be a councilman?’. The analysis will be done by the responsible teachers who can select from three to five essays. Then the election will begin inside the schools.

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As is the case every year, the Revenue clarifies that refunds will be made in the order of delivery of income tax returns, taking into account that taxpayers aged 60 or over will have priority, with special priority being given to those over 80 taxpayers with physical or mental disabilities, those with serious illnesses and taxpayers whose main source of income is teaching. The Special Projects Committee will have between April 30 and May 4 to select the candidates. Under the legislation, there will be a regular session to officially announce elected youth councilors – scheduled for May 11.

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The graduates will be graduated on May 23. The election of the Young Executive Board will take place on June 6. In July, there will be a training meeting on the 4th, so that the councilors know the types of proposals and some essential points of the internal regiment. On August 8th there will be a regular preparatory session and two other deliberative sessions on August 22 and September 5. On the 18th of the same month, the young councilmen will deliver the proposals to the president of the House, Marcelo Borges (PDT). In October, parliamentarians will meet with Mayor Rodrigo Drable (MDB) to present the papers. The project will be finalized on November 14 with the closing solemn session.

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“I see this project as a great chance to rescue the policy, as well as being a way to show our students the real function of the councilmen and give them the opportunity to get a closer look at the work developed,” said Undersecretary of Education Ricardo Rosas . The members of the Special Committee on Projects of the Chamber, declared that the project is of paramount importance. Alderman Jaime Alves said that young people will be multipliers of all knowledge acquired.

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“It will be very important to raise students’ awareness of politics by educating citizens more aware of their rights and duties as well as the actions of politicians. That is November 2018 Calendar Printable Template missing in our country, “he said. Gustavo Gomes said that it will be a way to change the vision of society. “Many adults still do not know the true role of the Legislature and these children will be able to take this into the home. And we can train future councilors, just like the Wellington that came out of a similar project, “said the councilman.