Sales of gasoline in July 2018 Calendar Printable Template amounted to approximately 313 700 m3, which is a decline of about 4% compared to the same month last year. The accumulated sales amounted to approximately 1,875 300 m3, down from the previous year by approximately 88,800 m3 or about 5%. The figures include biofuels ethanol with about 5% interference. Synthetic gasoline is also present on the market. The reporting of waiting times in public and private primary care in Uppsala County has been compiled for July. The figures are presented here on the Uppsala Extranet. When the watercranes are closed, residents of Cape Town are forced to reach one of the 200 water points in the city and queue for the daily ration zone of 25 liters of water. 13 days after the attack at the summerhouse, Johanna Möller and her then boyfriend Mohammad Rajabi were arrested for lying behind the deceased. Three days later they were put on duty.


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Here you will also find a summary of the national survey for March. This summary is done twice a year and refers to March and October respectively. Of course, we hope the effect will be positive. Juha has experience of change in a short period of time, says Tihinen, but stresses that the EM should not be seen as the ultimate goal.

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Diesel sales fell slightly from July of the previous year and comprised 448 700 m3 in July 2017. Cumulative sales amounted to 3 306 200 m3, which is approximately the same as 2016. The figures also include the involvement of the HVO and FAME biofuels with about 25-50% of interference.

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On Wednesdays we have women’s days at the club. Then all ladies are welcome to play golf. At Drop-In competitions you can choose to play either on our booked time (usually 17.00-18.00 in the spring and 16.30-17.30 in the fall) or any other time of the day. Other competitions are the lottery starts and must be notified in advance. Throughout the investigation, Johanna Möller, now 43 years old, will deny crime: she has neither murdered her father nor her husband nor tried to murder her mother. She has also not established a life insurance in her husband’s name, she believes. However, Mohammad Rajabi eventually acknowledges that he entered the Johanna Möller’s summer house and stabbed her parents. He tells us that it is Johanna Möller who persuaded him to carry out the attack.

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Sales of E85 also fell in July and amounted to approximately 3 800 m3, which is a decline of about 12% compared to the same month last year. Accumulated sales amounted to 23 600 m3, approximately in line with July month last year. Ulf Svahn CEO SPBI “Fuel sales fell in July, and the decline could be an effect of more energy efficient cars.” Now we are in July, which means that on our drop-in contests is the optional start and partner. This means that it is allowed to play with other partners who are not in the Wednesday wave.

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All according to preliminary figures compared with the same period last year from SPBI. The home championship is taking place in July and it was the “negative trend” and the weak results that contributed to the decision. U21 national team coach Juha Malinen will temporarily be in a double role as he now takes over the U19 team for five months. The authorities now try to make few people save water. Among other things, those who use more than 50 liters of the day are brought to justice. Furthermore, so-called bullet lists are published with the names of those who use too much water.

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Johanna Möller went to Thailand on vacation and Mohammad Rajabi drove to Norway. There, the couple met just over a week later and that’s where the police arrested them for the second time, in a hotel room in Trondheim. Meanwhile they have been free, the police have continued to collect evidence against the couple, including in the form of interceptions. The July 2018 Calendar Printable Template before Johanna and Mohammad were arrested in Norway, it has also been decided to resume the investigation of Aki Paasilas death, and now the event is being described as a murder and attempted gross fraud.