In all, there are seven lots, from June to December 2018 Calendar Printable Template. On this result the Selic interest rate is applied. The final amount will be deposited in the account informed by the taxpayer at the time of the declaration. According to Caixa, when the PIS withdrawal is not made, the amount is included in the balance of quotas. At the end of the financial year (June 29, 2018), after updating the balance, the proceeds are made available for withdrawal in the new calendar. Earnings vary according to the balance in the PIS account linked to the employee. The official publication gives the exact dates on which the money will fall into the account of the taxpayers. The refund is paid according to the delivery order of the declaration.


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Those over the age of 60 receive before, as well as people with disabilities or serious illness, and taxpayers whose main source of income is the teaching profession. You are entitled to the salary bonus, who received, on average, up to two monthly minimum salaries with a formal contract and worked for at least 30 days in 2016. You must still be enrolled in PIS-Pasep for at least five years and have the data updated by the employer in the Annual Social Information Ratio (Rais), base year 2016.

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There is special priority for those who are over 80. In such cases, the refund is paid in the first two lots. Refunds on Individual Income Tax (IRPF) 2018 will be paid between the months of June and December. The Federal Revenue issued the calendar with the dates this Friday (2). Understand more about refunds and know who is entitled to this extra money.

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Throughout the year, those who work with a formal contract and receive from R $ 1,903.99 have the income tax automatically deducted from the payroll. When these people make the statement, the system calculates the discounts already made with the deductions, which include dependents and medical expenses. If the amount paid exceeds the tax base, it is refunded. That is, returned to the taxpayer.

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The refunds are paid by the delivery order of the Personal Income Tax Declaration (DIRPF 2018). Taxpayers aged 60 or over who are physically or mentally disabled, those with serious illnesses, and taxpayers whose main source of income is magisterium have priority and receive the amount in the first lot.

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The amount of the allowance varies from R $ 80 to R $ 954, depending on the length of time the person worked formally in 2016. Private sector workers withdraw money at Caixa Econômica Federal, and public servants at Banco do Brasil. You must present an identification document and the PIS / Pasep number.

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The amount of the credit is associated with the number of December 2018 Calendar Printable Template worked in the previous year. So whoever worked a month in base year 2016 will receive 1/12 of the minimum wage. Those who worked 2 months will receive 2/12 and so on. You will only receive the full amount who worked the full base year 2016. For example, if the period worked was 12 months, you will receive the full amount of the benefit, which is a minimum wage (R $ 954). If you worked for just one month, you will receive the equivalent of 1/12 of the salary ($ 80), and so on.