The day number of August 2018 Calendar Printable Template 3 of the Hinamatsuri is “6” which represents harmony. Today in 2018, “2” of the ear number is added plus, and the version will be upgraded to the day number “8”. Today, affected by ‘8’ which means achievement, it is a day suitable for achieving great goals and plans by all together. Even if it is not exaggerated things such as project or project realization is OK. It is beneficial to cooperate with familiar families, friends, colleagues, etc, and to make them a fun day. Hinamatsuri party & drinking party seems to be exciting. I might encounter lessons, studies, hobbies that I would like to try. I will not say anything from spring, soon. It is also good to order materials, open a primer, start with simple things. I should be excited about the day when I get excited and actually start moving. Consultation to O type seniors.


August Calendar Printable Template

One year of “fraternity”. People and important people increase. It is the key of relief that we do not forget courtesy even with close friends. Ancient Greek philosopher · Pythagoras preach “Arky (the origin of things) is a number” is the roots. Based on the idea that all manners of the whole world are represented by numbers, occupation to read various events such as world movements and human destiny.

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Girls’ bust is beautiful. It should be nodded by everyone. Regardless of its size, she depicts a curvaceous beauty that itself holds as a work of art, showing the mystery of the human body. What will happen if you paint a painting on such a bust. It was a gravure idol, Shiina Kanae. She drew a picture of her body on campus last August 2018 Calendar Printable . When so-called body paint is uploaded to SNS, it is talked about immediately. So, at weekly pre NEWS, we will post this “pie art” as campus on boobs, posted as a standby calendar from January to December this year and will be delivered!

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August 2018 Calendar

I drew a dog that is a zodiac for the first time in January and a demon in Setsubun in February, but this month’s theme is “bee”. And this time it is collaborating with a newcomer Gradle · Sagara Akane (Sakura · Akane) who is rapidly increasing in popularity as “G cup legal lolita girl” instead of alone! Before seeing the image, is it a weirdo? Interview with the two who stand out! Shiina is not it cute? I wonder if August 2018 Calendar with Holidays 8th is “a bee’s day”. After that there is only a doll festival, is not it too ordinary? There are no other memories as long as I packed my doll’s nose. But, the bees are not particularly memorable though. A beehive was built in the veranda of the room she shared, and my friend was trying to get rid of it. Is not that reckless? Some of them were being attacked, but I am also scared, so I closed down the window and forsaken it. I was really getting angry later (laugh).

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Sagara has such a bee episode (laugh). It is not normal. It seems like a movie about ‘I tried pickling Ashigata bee in liquid nitrogen’ or ‘I tried eating a bee for a bee’. Shiina Eh! What? What, scary! How do you look with your feelings! What? There is no Sagara. If you look at thumbnails somehow you will get bothered. I do not like cruelty but do not you see it? Sagara Ah ~ When I was a junior high school student, I cried. I thought it was time to cry, while singing the light of fireflies, it feels like “Rust is here! Shiina is quite cold (lol). I went to Disney on a junior high school graduation trip. I went with about six boys and girls, but there are dark places when waiting for attractions. Hands and hands touched there, it seems … ah.

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Sagara is really Kyunkyun, is amazing. Because I am from Downtown even in Tokyo, it is jealous. At elementary school, it was already so rough that I went to a place where I felt as thoughtfully as thoughtful. So, everyone was serious. Sagara recently, there were also rumors that the school next to the school of origin and junior high school first grader took tequila rampage. Is not the time wonderful? Shiina I also had my era, Junior high school seniors riding a motorcycle in the school yard, teacher seems to chase the motorcycle opponent. We were watching it. I’m from Sagara city center, it is the same. However, it is prejudiced, but I think recently. Seeing that such an inconvenience or rampant Ko is already married and breaking apart now. It was good for a different life.

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Shiina Yaku is deep! (Laugh) I did not think it was such a co. It was my second time today, but I thought it was small, tits, big, fair and cute. But it is amazingly funny! Sagara, that is all normal. I am only complaining about the world. Well, Mr. Shiina is also quite odd. I was surprised to talk. But I was glad that it was easy to talk about. Sagara really is not right. Because I was a high school with no school regulations, was it glad that I was able to appear in the hakama (hakama) at the graduation ceremony? Shiina I, my birthday is August 2018 Calendar Printable Template, but I will not be celebrated because I will not see you as a student. It came to be celebrated after graduation! (Doiya) – I do not think you can dig down, so I will give up. Although the story was excited and heard, I was wondering how Mr. Sagara was given “Pai Art” for the first time?